Tony Ryan's Thinkers Keysexternal image j0336382.gifexternal image j0336382.gifexternal image j0336382.gif

The keys provide a creative way to think critically about a topic.
There is a large range of keys however we think this is a disadvantage as there are too many to use at any one time.
The creativity of the keys is quite extensive.
The keys can be used across all areas of the curriculum.
Because there are so many keys, students could become confused by these.
The teacher can model the use of the keys showing their creative side.
There are a wide variety of ideas and resources available on the internet to support the use of the keys.
Created in 1980's so possibly irrelevant in many teaching/learning environments today.

The keys can be adapted to suit any specific year level.
Quite a visual tool so may not cater for all learners.

Introduce difference ways of higher order thinking.

Can be easily incorporated into many learning based activities (home or school).